Accelerate your manufacturing business profitability


Coaching and consulting to turbocharge your growth and efficiency

Helping manufacturers all over Australia do 3 things:

  1. Accelerate their growth rate
  2. Become more efficient
  3. Make substantially more profit

Our client results over the last 3 years:

  • Average revenue growth of 223%
  • Average gross profit margin improvement of 3.1%
  • Average operating profit growth of 488%
  • Average operating profit margin improvement of 10.3%

"Most Australian manufacturers are sitting on a gold mine of untapped potential and profit which I can uncover.”

~ Wayne Griffiths

Let us help your business to:

Accelerate your growth rate

Increasing revenue often means increased expenses, complications, and stress. We work closely with you to grow strategically and sustainably, minimise growing pains, create an A grade team, and improve your profit margins as you grow.

Improve efficiencies

Our extensive experience in manufacturing, plus our lean manufacturing capabilities means we can help improve your working capital absorption, lower your materials, direct labour and overhead ratio, and improve asset utilization.

Generate more profit

We are experts in understanding which profit levers to pull and when. We will demonstrate the untapped current profit and future profit potential in your business, coach you to better interpret financial data, and work with you to design and implement profit improvement initiatives.

Why Raffino

Raffino offers a 360-degree approach to boosting your manufacturing business.

Since 2004, Raffino owner Wayne Griffiths has worked closely with family-run manufacturing businesses to quickly and accurately identify problems and implement solutions that bring exponential results. Unlike other business coaches or consultancies, you’re never tied into a long contract because we want to keep proving our value to you.

Despite this, our clients stay with us for many years. Why? Because they can see how their investment in Raffino generates a significant return, as revenue and profits increase substantially. Raffino clients enjoy exceptional service, high access to Raffino owner, Wayne Griffiths, regular progress check-ins, and ongoing coaching and mentoring. Raffino helps clients to skilfully interpret financial reports and master the art of making smart decisions, knowing when and where to invest capital, and measuring the results of actions taken.

In short, we deliver outstanding results.

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