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A major part of improving business performance and creating lasting business change results from the transfer of knowledge to our clients. Knowledge equals power.

To facilitate this transfer of knowledge, Raffino have developed a significant number of Information Sheets, covering a range of topics to assist business owners to improve their knowledge, and the performance of their business. These Information Sheets act as a structured resource for our clients to refer to and use as they build and refine their business.

Raffino have also developed a significant number of Analysis Tools and Documents to assist family business owners. These include tools such as Strategic Plan templates, Strategy Development tools, Sales Development tools, Financial Analysis tools and tools to improve Team Performance.

Raffino clients have access to the full range of Information Sheets, Procedures, Polices, Documents and Analysis Tools when they engage Raffino. 

10 Must Do’s for Prospering in Tough Times. Download it here.

Virus will Mean Survival of the Fittest. Download it here.

Business Analyser. Download it here.

One Page Strategic Plan. Download it here.

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