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Raffino is a business consulting and coaching firm that works with manufacturers and family business owners across Australia to accelerate their growth, become more efficient, and improve profit. Since 2004, Raffino owner Wayne Griffiths has been refining his unique approach that enables him to guarantee significant improvement in business performance.

Common issues in manufacturing business

Typically, a number of issues work in combination to create problems which can be difficult for the owner to identify and rectify. Common problems only become compounded the more the business grows.

These issues include:

  • Low gross profit margins which restricts working capital availability to enable the business to achieve the desired growth rate and profit targets.
  • Lack of cashflow for many reasons, which causes immense stress and keeps businesses stagnant.
  • A lack of leadership to ensure that management can quickly and effectively deal with staff issues and create a high performing team.
  • Out-of-date processes and poor workflow, which mean staff are not efficient, too much time is wasted, and there is too much rework.
  • A lack of strategic marketing that delivers a predictable volume of leads, meaning that revenue has plateaued or is unpredictable.
  • Assets being underutilized, a sunk cost to the business and a lost opportunity for growth.
  • A lack of strategic clarity which makes the business vulnerable to market trends, slows its growth rate, and risks the business becoming irrelevant in future.
  • Low, sales which starves the business of the necessary funds to fuel daily operations and future growth.

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What makes Raffino different

Raffino offers a 360-degree approach to boosting your manufacturing business. Since 2004, Raffino owner Wayne Griffiths has worked closely with family-run manufacturing businesses to quickly and accurately identify problems and implement solutions that bring exponential results.

Unlike other business coaches or consultancies, you’re never tied into a long contract because we want to keep proving our value to you.

Despite this, our clients stay with us for many years. Why? Because they can see how their investment in Raffino generates a significant return, as revenue and profits increase substantially. Raffino clients enjoy exceptional service, high access to Raffino owner, Wayne Griffiths, regular progress check-ins, and ongoing coaching and mentoring.

Raffino helps clients to skilfully interpret financial reports and master the art of making smart decisions, knowing when and where to invest capital, and measuring the results of actions taken.

In short, we deliver outstanding results.

Wayne Griffiths business coach

About Wayne Griffiths

I started Raffino in 2004 because I’m passionate about helping owners to build a business that positively impacts their personal lives as well as their bottom line.

With a 15-year career in business development, sales and marketing within the agricultural chemical sector, qualifications in science and business, and 16 years running Raffino, I’m very familiar with the particular stressors and satisfactions that come from owning your own manufacturing business or working with family.

I have a unique business-wide approach to profit improvement and deliver high standards of client service and support as I help my clients to navigate the countless decisions that they need to make every week.

Working with me means you have a trusted third party advisor to use as a sounding board, and an accountability partner to ensure that you follow through and make the required changes to strategically grow profit with minimal risk.

I know it’s more than possible to create your ideal business, and I want to help you do just that.

Lean manufacturing expert James McIntosh

If you’re looking for lean manufacturing consulting or training, lead Raffino consultant James McIntosh, will assist you to unlock your production efficiency, and maximise capacity. James is a professional engineer with over 25 years’ experience in production system design, continuous improvement, and workflow efficiency.

With a degree in Manufacturing and Materials Engineering from the University of Queensland, James is also the owner of an established manufacturing company where he’s applying his lean manufacturing and growth skills.

A lean manufacturing specialist, James has wide-ranging experience in Australian industry, implementing Lean and other world-class practices across the supply chain. James shares his learning and knowledge across all manufacturing, production, and assembly business types.

In short, James will get your factory floor fired up and produce substantial efficiency improvements in direct labour, materials usage, inventory and asset utilization.

James McIntosh Raffino lean manufacturing

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