Time to stop working so hard for so little reward


Raffino helps Australian manufacturing companies to profitably grow

We work with manufacturers who: 

  • Have hit a ceiling with their growth and are unable to grow at their desired rate
  • May have increased their revenue but have seen dwindling – or negative – profits
  • Work long hours for not nearly enough result
  • Are caught up in ongoing stress that comes from working in a poor performing family business
  • Are uncertain about their direction or unclear on their future.
Raffino lean manufacturing consulting
manufacturing business coaching

Our Profit Accelerator Program gives:

  • Clear strategy and direction to unite your team and focus your efforts
  • A growth plan to pursue opportunities that won’t only increase revenue, but also maximise profit growth into the future
  • Lean methodology to optimise factory workflow and systems to improve efficiencies and reduce waste
  • The peace-of-mind of knowing you have a highly experienced, trusted third party advisor who has your back.

Australian manufacturers are working far too hard for far too little.

Our Profit Accelerator Program has been specifically designed to help you reap the rewards of your hard work. With 31 years’ experience working closely with all types of manufacturers all over Australia, we know the common speed-bumps, hindrances and stressors in manufacturing, and can help you circumvent these with confidence.

Isn’t it time you slowed the stress and experienced the freedom of being the boss?

Why work with Raffino

Raffino, owned by Wayne Griffiths, is a business coaching and consultancy firm that specialises in enabling the Australian manufacturing sector to thrive. Raffino has more than three decades’ experience in all facets of manufacturing improvement, from lean manufacturing, to operational efficiency, staff management, sales growth, and financial management.

Wayne will help you to double or treble profit while significantly improving free cash flow, all without increasing risk. It’s fair to say that Raffino knows manufacturing inside out and backwards.

Our results speak for themselves: higher revenue growth, profit margins and empowered manufacturing business owners who can interpret financial reports and other key data to make better decisions, and manufacturing family businesses where managers and owners can breath again (and take a holiday!).

Let Wayne and his team show you the path towards higher profit and free cash flow, away from ridiculously long hours and too high risk for too little reward.

How we help

Our 9-step process to grow your manufacturing business


Increase prices

Our goal is to maximize your pricing without reducing your quote conversion. Price increases drive profitability the greatest.


Improve materials and freight efficiency

We aim to reduce materials and freight costs as a percentage of revenue without compromising quality and customer service.


Improve direct labour efficiency

We want to improve direct labour productivity by employing lean manufacturing principles, and reducing employee time wasting.


Increase your volume

Our goal is to increase your volume of profitable products by optimizing your sales structure and processes.


Drive fixed expense efficiency

Overhead expenses tend to creep up over time. We will investigate each expense line and ensure its contributing to either growth or efficiency.


Decrease debtor days

We focus on avoiding bad debts and decreasing receivables days so we can free up cash flow.


Decrease inventory days

Inventory is commonly a major cash absorber. The aim is to minimize it without constricting production or sales.


Increase creditor days

Good relationships with your suppliers is advantageous and better creditor terms helps free up cash flow.


Improve fixed asset utilisation

Your fixed assets need to maximise revenue generation, but they also tie up cash. We’re aiming to maximise the return on capital invested in your assets.

The Raffino secret sauce is knowing which profit and cash flow driver in the 9 steps above to pull, when to pull it, and how hard. This is where our expertise intersects with our experience which results in an amazingly fast result for our clients.

What you get

Depending on how long we work together, you’ll receive:


Monthly or fortnightly in-person meetings to accelerate your progress.


Key workflow process and systems review both on the factory floor and inside, to uncover efficiency gaps.


Training on how to interpret your crucial financial reports, and support in guiding your decision making to turn losses into profits.


Financial modeling to plan how to achieve the profit result you desire.


A trusted mentor, Wayne Griffiths or James McIntosh, who you can contact every day during working hours for advice on key decisions.


Your one-year growth plan to drive profit and free cash flow.


Your marketing activity plan and sales plan to increase the number of quality leads and volume of sales.


Performance indicator review and implementation to ensure you’re accurately tracking key data for your business’s success.


Your 3-5 year strategy plan for greater clarity and confidence.


Company culture review and leadership training for key team members, to ensure they are stepping up and leading success.


Risk review to ensure that you are safeguarding all your hard work.


Human resources review of roles and responsibilities to ensure you have a lean, productive team driving in the same direction.

Next steps

Fill out the form here so we can then meet, either face-to-face or online, to discuss your situation and better understand your needs.

We’ll send you a detailed proposal of our work together within 24 hours of meeting.

All costs are clear. You are under no obligation to proceed and you are not locked into any contract. If you don’t see value from working with Raffino, you are free to discontinue our relationship.

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