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We have been working with Wayne Griffiths from Raffino since June 2014. We are very excited with the progress and the direction the coaching is taking our business. Raffino are assisting us in a hands on manner to move our business forward in a much more structured way, to achieve the business objectives we have set. By implementing many of the Raffino systems and tools into our business, we are now working ‘on our business rather than just in it’, with very real returns in both turnover and profitability. I have no hesitation in recommending Wayne to anybody who wishes to move their business to a whole new level.

Daryl Muller
General Manager
Duratray Transport Equipment

Roof & Building Service have been working with Raffino since February 2013. During this time Wayne has assisted in the development of both strategic goals, plans and helped implement many operational changes throughout the business. The culture changes developed through one of Wayne’s many tools is driving R&BS from a systems driven business to a culture driven business.

The accountability levels for directors has increased dramatically and it is excellent to have a helicopter view of the business from an outside consultant. The new ideas and strategies have given very quick results and Wayne has put forward many tried and tested solutions to a large portion of the problems that R&BS was facing. We highly recommend Wayne and Raffino to any company that is looking to increase its value to customers and shareholders.

Hilton Jensen
Roof & Building Service

Meeting Wayne for the first time was quite an experience, I found him to be a calm collected and focused individual. After spending an hour with Wayne discussing how he could help me better my business I decided to embrace what he had to offer. We then enlisted his services. Now we are a team of professionals working together with a renewed focus, more organised and with less stress. We are now a sustainable business moving forward. I can highly recommend a chat with Wayne.

Bryan Ponting
Brymad Truck Transmissions

On recommendation, we called in Wayne Griffiths and haven’t looked back. Our weak point – lack of clear, well defined systems and structure throughout our entire operation – is being very definitely addressed through the Raffino program. This is helping us to take a step back, crystalise our strategy and work on the big picture approach that will take us forward – knowing that the level of control and accountability being implemented throughout our organisation is making us ready for the journey. We thoroughly recommend Raffino to any company looking for more control, a clearer strategy and proven advice about any area of their business.

Jim McNaughton
General Manager
Techsafe Automotive Seating Solutions

Wayne Griffiths from Raffino has consulted to my company since 2011, and plays an integral role in advising and guiding me with all aspects of the running of Boyd Blue and White Furniture. Wayne has consistently delivered great advice, he has been solution focused, removing a lot of stress from my shoulders. Wayne is an excellent communicator, he is very results driven, focused, and keeps us on track to achieve our strategic goals. I would highly recommend Wayne Griffiths to any business owner who wants to achieve great results.

Shelly Boyd
Boyd Blue

We want you to know how much we appreciate your input into our business. You have guided us from an objective viewpoint. We have been so immersed in the day-to-day operations that we haven’t had an accurate perspective. Your clear sighted recommendations have been of great benefit, especially during our restructure. You gave us confidence and direction when we were feeling somewhat dispirited and overwhelmed by it all. Thank you for your patience and for always being there for us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

Ian & Janelle Kearley
Auto Extras

Wayne Griffiths from Raffino has been working with Maleny Physiotherapy as a business advisor since 2005. Wayne utilises and implements a very clear and well defined process which has enabled us to develop business tools such as business plans, budgets, key performance indicators, and marketing plans.
We have comprehensively broken down each area of the business into its component parts so we intimately understand all areas in our business. Wayne has helped us, as leaders and managers of our business, to build a productive team of employees and a positive culture within our workplace.
Investing the time away from our day to day work to meet regularly with Wayne has allowed us to have a greater depth of understanding of how our business works, and control of our business. It has allowed us to meet many of our short to medium term goals including greatly improved financial return from the business, buying a commercial property, encountering less day to day problems, less need to be involved in ‘everything’ and therefore more time for us to work on developing the business.

Mary Bagshaw
Maleny Physiotherapy

Encara worked with Raffino over a 6 month period beginning in early 2009. As an organisation, we were basically looking to develop appropriate systems, documentation and policies for all aspects of the business. We have achieved that and a whole lot more. Wayne took us through a process that focused our business plan and brought the business direction in line with our personal goals. Of the greatest value, has been our work on Key Performance Indicators for our business.
Wayne’s program has left us with more knowledge, control and understanding of our business than ever before. We now have a clear plan for the future direction of the business as well as the activities that we as Directors need to undertake to achieve that reality. I strongly recommend Raffino to any business owner.

Brad Packer

Lightscope are a family business which has been established for over 22 years. We were progressively growing, but unsure of the steps to enable this to happen effectively and efficiently.

It became apparent that our company was lacking in structure and procedures. Whilst we had vast experience in our trade industry, we were deficient in a number of leadership and management fundamentals.

In mid 2008 we were referred to Wayne Griffiths who subsequently met with us to discuss our key issues. Wayne recognised very quickly the areas where we required assistance, and what changes were required to allow us to reach our full potential.

Wayne has helped us in more ways than we ever expected. With their ongoing assistance we have implemented some major structural changes, key processes, growth strategies, and documentation which have already significantly strengthened our business.

We are very happy with their support and would recommend them to anyone.

Vicki Jones
Operations Manager

The assistance provided by Raffino has delivered tangible, positive outcomes for our business. As in any small business we are always looking for ways to increase the profitability of our operation. With the assistance of Raffino we have achieved an overall strong return on our business capital, through implementation of a number of growth strategies.

Management of our operation has been streamlined as a consequence of systems development in key areas like production and marketing. We also have a comprehensive set of key performance indicators which allows us to monitor performance monthly, and then drive the business forward.

We will continue to use the services of Raffino to assist us with our ongoing business development.

John Keleher
Managing Director
Australian Lawn Concepts

Worldwide Online Printing have worked with Wayne Griffiths of Raffino for 2 years. During that time Wayne has helped me to understand the critical success factors of my business which has enabled me to strengthen my team, improve my bottom line and become more knowledgeable about my own business.
With Wayne’s help we won the National Franchisee of the Year award for the Worldwide Online Printing Group – Thanks Wayne!

Stephanie Walls
Franchisee – Worldwide Online Printing Hamilton

In 2006, after having been in business for around one and a half years a friend of mine suggested I look into obtaining a Business Advisor. I became a client of Wayne’s straight after that. While at the time I did not feel like I had a minute to spare, I am so glad I found the time, as it has made a huge difference as to how I look at my business. It was also great to have a person who was sitting outside of my business looking in to open my eyes to the things that were blocking me from progressing.

By the end of our sessions, I had in place a Business Plan that would guide me through the next 3 years in my business. It seems a cliché, but it is true, write it down and it is more likely to happen and that is exactly what happened for me. I have revisited that business plan every 12 months and call on Wayne whenever I need that extra bit of guidance. I have reached my KPIs each year, fulfilled the majority of my strategies and objectives and have purchased a property from where I now run my business; this purchase was in my original Business Plan!

Jennifer O’Neil
Final Touch Australia

We originally met and began working with Wayne Griffiths in 2005. As a trusted business coach and advisor, Raffino assists us to set achievable goals and targets, not just in business, but in our personal lives as well. We are continually encouraged and empowered through sound advice and guidance, backed up by proven business systems. This has resulted in the creation of a stronger, more profitable business, well equipped for continued success into the future.

Nicki Lloyd
Lloyd Grey Design

With the benefit of years of experience in my field and a Bachelor of Business behind me I chose to become a business owner and started to employ people. I soon realised that making a reasonable profit requires first knowing what balls you have to play and then keeping them all in the air without letting any of them drop. I was very good at playing most of the balls but not so good at others. I needed someone to keep me on track. Wayne Griffiths, over the past three years, has helped me to develop a formula for our business success.
With Wayne’s expertise we have developed specific tools to enable measurement of key performance requirements and this ensures that my business is performing at a peak level. Allocating time to work “on the business” as opposed to “in the business” is essential and I find my sessions with Wayne result in another wave of business improvement opportunities. I highly recommend Raffino Business Solutions as business improvement consultants.

Susie Stack
Stack Masula

Raffino was referred to our company by our accountant in early 2009. We engaged Raffino to help implement policies and procedures for our employee’s and sub contractors. Wayne has developed these documents and helped implement them throughout our organisation. Wayne’s sound understanding of business finance and structure has been very useful for our business. I would recommend Raffino to other business owners who are looking to improve the performance of their business.

Dale Laube
Managing Director
Superior Broadband Services

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