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Business Consultant Brisbane

Raffino Business Solutions is a leading Business Consultancy firm dedicated to assisting business owners to refine and dramatically improve the performance of their business. Our unique approach to business consulting ensures we obtain a complete understand of the issues affecting the performance of each business area. Our business diagnostic tool has been specifically designed to ensure that each business area is carefully assessed, allowing improvement initiatives to be designed so they integrate with all other business areas to achieve the overall desired result.

The 26 page business diagnostic analyses the performance of the following business areas:

  • Governance
  • Products and Services
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Financial Management
  • The Team
  • Leadership
  • Production and Operations

Analysing the performance of each area allows our business consultants to assist the business owner to develop a Strategic Business Plan which incorporates key strategies to move the business forward. The overall objective is to assist the business owner to build a business which aligns with their personal requirements, whatever they may be.