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Business Coach, Advisor and Consultant Brisbane

Welcome to Raffino Business Solutions, a business coaching, business advisory and business consulting firm dedicated to assisting business owners in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Through our unique approach, Raffino guarantees to assist you to significantly improve the performance of your business.

One of the greatest challenges for business owners is making problems go away so that they can move their business forward and achieve their personal goals. Problems with sales, cash flow, profit, staff, strategy, processes, and even clients and suppliers can take up an enormous amount of time and effort. Often the problems have a habit of re-appearing.

It is usually never one problem that causes things to go pear shaped, but a number of issues working in combination against the business which can be difficult for the owner to pin-point. Unfortunately these problems are usually amplified the bigger the business becomes.

Raffino exists because I know how to pull a result for my clients. I enjoy assisting my clients to build a business that meets their personal requirements for two reasons:

  • I derive enormous satisfaction from positively impacting on the personal and business lives of others.
  • It continuously challenges me to be the best I can be, and work at the outer limits of my potential.
My vision is to be the most sought after business advisor in south east Queensland. I know and understand the success of Raffino is ultimately based on the size of my contribution to others hence I am committed to providing the highest level of client support, learning, outcomes and satisfaction possible. The client is the centre of everything I do. 

Have you always wanted to have the peace of mind which comes from having:
  • Clarity about your future?
  • A team that share your values and desire to be the best?
  • Great leadership and management skills?
  • More time to work on business strategy and development?
  • Higher sales and profitability?
  • An efficient business where things get done with a sense of urgency?
  • Less stress and day to day reliance on you the owner?
  • A more sustainable, valuable and enjoyable business?
Creating your ideal business is entirely possible, providing you have a quality product or service, sufficient demand, and the motivation and persistance to see it through.

Give me a ring if any of the above sounds like what you want, and if we are a good match then we can catch up for a no-obligation chat. I have been doing this for 12 years and know how to pull a result for my clients. When you work with Raffino you work with me, not a franchisee or contractor. I will make you accountable so that you can get the best out of your business.

Wayne Griffiths