Do you have the right people, in the right roles, working on the right things, the right way, with the right resources? The reality is that many family business owners don’t have particularly good leadership skills, which makes it difficult to build a high-performance team.

Good leaders create great teams, so I focus on improving the leadership skills of my clients and their managers and assist them to:

  • Identify the ideal workforce structure
  • Recruit ideal employees
  • Develop individual Position Descriptions and Key Performance Indicators
  • Retain ideal employees by having them engaged
  • Improve and manage employee performance and productivity
  • Improve communication and collaboration in the workplace
  • Build the ideal culture
  • Terminate underperformers

Core Values & Team Culture

I want your team to share and believe in your vision, be accepting of change, give one hundred percent all the time, and have a sense of ownership without a sense of entitlement. We do this by co-creating and embedding the core values throughout the organisation.

The serial underperformer’s and negative, sabotaging underminer’s don’t tend to last long.