Accelerating Services Growth

The services sector is Australia accounts for 75% of GDP and employs 85% of the workforce. Two issues that are common to service businesses are; how do they differentiate themselves, so they can grow in a cluttered market that has limited barriers to entry and, how do they attract and retain quality employees.

The Australian Services Roundtable defined ‘services’ as follows; ‘services deliver help, utility or care, an experience, information or other intellectual content. The majority of the value of that activity is intangible rather than residing in any physical product’.

If you own a product distribution or a professional services business then you must be able to differentiate your service offering through expertise and quality, otherwise things can be tough.

For service business owners, Raffino offers the following expert solutions for accelerating business growth.

The First Step!

The first step to accelerating business growth is to get clear on your strategy, then work out what’s not working and why. Enter you details below for your complimentary copy of the Raffino strategy template.