The press have just announced the start of major public bans at events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to reduce the infection rate and speed of COVID-19. Their objective is to minimise pressure on the health system, primarily hospitalisation rates/occurrences.

  • Aust v NZ cricket one-day international at Sydney cricket ground
  • Aust F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne has been cancelled
  • Paniyiri Greek festival in Brisbane
  • AFL and Rugby League will be next as well as schools, other public events and workplaces.


The impact on business will be substantial at least for the next 3 – 6 months. I’m sure you are discussing it but please get your leadership team together to devise a plan of attack around the following areas:

  • Supply of materials
  • Supply and movement of labour
  • Production (what restrictions will be imposed on you in terms of completing work)
  • Sales (what restrictions on access to meet with prospects/clients)
  • Demand (how will you maintain a suitable level of quote requests/enquiries)


Below is a list of questions to discuss:

  • Which plans need to be reviewed or activated and when?
  • Do our plans contain an appropriate focus on employee wellbeing, supply chain disruption, short- and long-term financial impact?
  • What support do management and staff need? What is the best way to support them?
  • Is the business communicating timely messages to both internal and external stakeholders?
  • How are we monitoring the ongoing risks?
  • Are we scenario planning and testing for any negative fallout?
  • Are we adjusting revenue projections if necessary and/or taking action to boost financial resilience?