Accelerating Manufacturing Growth

A productive manufacturing sector is a critical component of a thriving economy. The viability and future success of Australian manufacturing, and the millions of jobs this sector supports, rely on national productivity and competitiveness. This can only occur through carefully crafted strategy which capitalises on local and international opportunities, and first-class execution of key growth and efficiency initiatives.

Australia is well-placed to lead the world in certain types of manufacturing, particularly products that depend on excellence rather than volume. This can be achieved through an investment in intangible and tangible assets: product design, strategic planning, new business models, brand image, software technology, advanced equipment, and lean principals. When these are applied well, the products that result can command a premium price from customers keen for quality.

For Australian manufacturers, Raffino offers the following expert solutions for accelerating business growth.

About Raffino

Raffino is a business coaching and consultancy firm that specialises in enabling the Australian manufacturing sector to thrive. Raffino has more than three decades’ experience in all facets of manufacturing improvement, from lean manufacturing, to operational efficiency, staff management, sales growth, and financial management. It’s fair to say that Raffino knows manufacturing inside out and backwards.

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