In a crisis, ‘people may forget what you say and they may forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ – Carl W. Buehner.

NOW is the time to step up your support level for family, friends, employees, suppliers and clients.

With the fear and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, it has been relatively easy to remain energised and focussed particularly around planning. Leaders will shortly likely transition to a new stage which will be much harder.  It is this stage, whether they are in the office or are forced to work remotely, where it will be significantly harder to keep up that energy, focus and productivity level.  It is then that they must re-double their efforts, because the energy and focus of everyone else depends on them.

This next stage (the long haul), is the once in a lifetime opportunity for leaders to work primarily on their business instead of in their business, and emerge in a structurally and strategically stronger position ready to capitalise on opportunities.

Energy, focus and productivity is largely about knowing what tasks to work on and when. Daily buckets of time is the key. Segment your day (business and private) into ‘buckets of time’, give each bucket a name and time frame, and get at it.