It’s only 9 weeks until the Christmas shutdown so below is a checklist to ensure we are all well prepared. Set a due date to have each of the 12 actions below completed, as it will be here in no time! (well 9 weeks actually).

1.  Consider any recruitment requirements for a new year start. The Christmas holiday period is a time when people reflect on their career, and potentially look for alternative employment. There is also interstate and regional movement of people looking for work.

2.  Ensure your employees leave is well planned, particularly if a skeleton staff is required for administration or production purposes.

3.  Decide any end of year discretionary bonus payments. Who gets what and why?

4.  Delegate the Christmas party planning to someone that will deliver a memorable event, within budget and risk free.

5.  Hold more employee engagement initiatives between now and end of year. Some team members will likely be less motivated in the lead up to the Christmas shutdown, or lacking energy. Keep them motivated and productive (and yourself!).

6.  It’s a great feeling knowing that you can come back in the new year with a full book of orders to produce. Now’s the time to put the foot to the floor on your marketing and selling activities if you haven’t already.

7.  Consider your product or service offering and decide on any price rises effective for the new year.

8.  Connect with your clients and suppliers and advise them of your shutdown period, as well as providing any gifts or Christmas cards.

9.  Consider any purchase orders that need to placed to ensure no stock-outs leading up to or following Christmas.

10.  Chase debtors hard during November and December to maximise cash flow.

11.  Plan your holiday. Get away and take a real break.

12.  Organise a day in January to review the December quarter, the business plan, and to have an employee new year kick-off where the results and strategies are shared.