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I find that one of the greatest challenges for business owners is making problems go away so the business can grow profitably, and the owners can achieve their personal goals. It is usually never one problem that causes things to go pear shaped in business, but a number of issues working in combination which can be difficult for the owner to pin-point. Unfortunately, these problems are amplified the bigger the business becomes. These problems or pain points fall into the following six categories.


    Strategic Clarity



    Performance Clarity



    Not Enough Sales






    Financial Performance



    Team Performance


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    About Raffino

    Raffino is a business coaching and consultancy firm that specialises in enabling the Australian manufacturing sector to thrive. Raffino has more than three decades’ experience in all facets of manufacturing improvement, from lean manufacturing, to operational efficiency, staff management, sales growth, and financial management. It’s fair to say that Raffino knows manufacturing inside out and backwards.

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