Advisory Board Governance

Advisory Board Governance


Families in business together have an especially powerful motivation to govern themselves well. They hold shared interests often including a large capital investment, prospects for future employment for children, and the image of the family business in its community. A desire to work together for the general good of the family and the business into the future is the common driver for a growing number of family business owners now establishing a framework for governance under the guidance of Raffino.

Effective governance is about creating structures and processes that guide the smooth operation of the business, as well as ownership and management succession, in line with the families wishes. At the core of this lies mechanisms for effective communication.

Raffino have the experience and expertise to assist family business owners to establish the governance framework, structures and processes required. Our advisory board model considers all three dimensions; family, business operations, and ownership. This ensures smooth decision making, cohesiveness, effective conflict resolution, clear direction, growth and financial performance, risk management, accountability, and commitment to family values.

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