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Strategic Clarity

Will your business still be relevent in 5 years from now?

The internet has changed the way business is done forever. Consumers have free and ready access to information to make more considered buying decisions. The rate of change in technology based systems will continue to increase, driving businesses to be more efficient to compete. Business models that were highly profitable a few years ago are now redundant or under pressure.  

All business owners must have strategic clarity to survive and prosper.  Working through a well defined process will ensure all my clients are thinking broadly about the key issues. It will also ensure that the vision and key strategies are well considered and align with the client’s personal requirements.

Raffino use a proven process to review the business model and facilitate the completion of a Strategic Plan. This can be a one page plan, or a more detailed plan, or both. The process utilises a number of specifically designed tools to ensure all strategic elements are considered. Consideration during the process is given to:
  • Identifying what the business must deliver for the owner
  • Identifying the vision and ‘ultimate situation’ for the business.
  • Analysing the business environment, including key strategic risks.
  • Identifying the different strategic options available to the business.
  • Identifying and articulating your competitive advantage, also known as the Value Proposition.
  • Reviewing current and identifying new revenue streams, channels to the market, and customer segments.
  • Identifying key partners.
  • Identifying the best organisational structure.
  • Developing the critical activities - those things that give daily focus to the business.
  • Articulating the core values and culture that will sustain the business and allow it to realise the ‘ultimate situation’.
  • Developing key objectives and strategies for each business area; people, marketing, sales and customer service, production, finance and administration.

Business Clarity & Strategy - Business Planning

For Strategic Clarity, Raffino uses a proven process to review the business model and facilitate the completion of a Strategic Plan. Get in touch with Business Coach, Consultant and Advisor Wayne Griffiths today!