Family Business – 12 Rules for Harmony

Operating a family business is as challenging as it is rewarding. Generational viewpoints and sibling personality differences will ensure that without good structures in place, frustration and even anger will bubble to the surface. Here’s 12 rules to assist family business harmony.

Leadership – Are You Getting The Best Out Of Your People?

I have identified 12 key leadership criteria to have top of mind and continuously work on. These are required daily behaviours to implement, not personality traits. Everyone will have a slightly different leadership style based on their personality type, that’s fine. The behaviours listed below are independent of personality type. Good leadership is largely about confidence and believing that you can be a good leader. As with everything in life, to be good at it takes practice and dedication to the cause.

The First Step!

The first step to accelerating business growth is to get clear on your strategy, then work out what’s not working and why. Enter you details below for your complimentary copy of the Raffino strategy template.